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NIC International


Each year, the college welcomes an increasing number of International students, and Connect Globally is designed to spark the intercultural imaginations of students, employees and community. Participants learn how people from different cultures have different ways of knowing the world, and discover how the international perspective enlivens the communities in which we learn and live.

Connect Globally generates opportunities for intercultural learning among:

  • Canadian students
  • International students
  • NIC faculty and/or staff
  • New Canadians and permanent residents
  • Community organizations and businesses interested in intercultural activities

As a student, or as a faculty or staff member, living and working interculturally is now a part of the NIC reality. By exploring these pages, you will find ways you can become more engaged with projects, build relationships, and deepen your understanding.

As an employer, non-profit organization, civil society organization, or volunteer group, we invite you to join NIC in prompting intercultural opportunities and understanding. See information on our Global Learning Innovation Fund, or call NIC International at 1-250-334-5033.


  • Prepare for work in an increasingly internationalized workplace: Intercultural effectiveness provides a broader perspective and a bridge to shared understanding.
  • Become a community ambassador: As a citizen of the world, your experiences add to the diplomacy of knowledge that exists within both your local community and the international community.
  • Add value to your education and employment: Being globally connected adds depth and perspective to your education, giving you a greater understanding and appreciation for cultural differences.
  • Build intercultural insight: As you create global connections, gain a deeper understanding of your own goals and educational opportunities as you explore different cultural perspectives.
The Get Connected program provides a great opportunity for learning and connecting with other cultures around the world. One of the strengths of North Island College International is the life-long friendships that are built between Canadian and International students which transfers into great networking opportunities when we graduate.
Peter Hoefgen (right), student Intercultural Ambassador for NIC


NIC provides a variety of tools to enhance your perspective, tailored to meet your interests or educational needs.

Global Learning Innovation Fund

Access NIC funding that supports intercultural understanding within our own community. Students, NIC employees or community organizations can initiate a fund project.

Get Connected

Join Get Connected, a student-led NIC group devoted to connecting international and local for fun and education opportunities. Build better world-wide connections through sharing cultures, languages, participating in socials and sports.

Global Learning Initiatives (GLI)

This student initiative, steered by NIC Health and Human Services, offers the community an international film series, raises funds for international students.

The Global Learning Certificate

Enhance your international and intercultural competence by adding a global perspective to your existing program of study. This NIC certificate is currently under development and will provide opportunities to learn and explore outside of the culture in which you have been raised. For more information or to add your name to the interest list, please email

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