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NIC International

Financial Aid

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Administered by NIC Foundation Irving K. Barber BC Scholarship Society leave site Irving K. Barber BC Scholarship Society leave site
Total Available $25,000 2016: $6,000 available for NIC students $200,000 available for all of BC
Per Student Up to $1,500 Up to $3,500 $6,000 to $10,000
Application Deadline Flexible; contact Office of Global Engagement

For all study abroad activity beginning on (or before) May 1, 2016, deadline is October 15, 2016

Refer to deadline date on application form at leave site
Fund Distribution Funds distributed after student is notified of the award Funds distributed after student is notified of the award Funds distributed after student is notified of the award
Criteria & More Information Contact Office of Global Engagement See Eligibility Criteria at leave site See Eligibility Criteria at leave site

NIC Foundation Study Abroad participants have an opportunity to apply for scholarship funds, available through the NIC Foundation. For more information and to learn about the criteria of the scholarship, contact NIC International by emailing:

  • The NIC International Scholarship has a total of $25,000 available with up to $1500 awarded per student.
  • The application deadline is flexible.

Irving K. Barber British Columbia Scholarship Society leave site, in partnership with the Victoria Foundation, hosts a suite of international scholarships designed to support students from BC in studying abroad. Submit all applications via email to Doris Funk, Financial Aid Officer, Comox Valley campus.

Successful applicants must clearly demonstrate academic merit as well as significant involvement in their community and/or school. Scholarships are available to students pursuing study or work abroad programs that are either:

  • A formal part of a BC credential program and/or carry academic credit recognized at a BC educational institution, or;
  • Offer experiential learning opportunities involving language acquisition and/or cultural training.
  • Students who apply for will also be considered for the high-value Premier's International Scholarships if they meet additional criteria and indicate interest.


Chinese Government Scholarship for Eligible BC Students pdf BC high school graduates, post-secondary students, and scholars wishing to participate in Chinese language studies, or academic research at the undergraduate or graduate level.

Foreign Government Awards - Russia leave site Three scholarships are available for studies or research at the undergraduate, master’s and PhD level. Scholarships are tenable exclusively at specific Russian educational institutions.

EDC International Business Scholarships leave site Undergraduate students interested in international business. Additional funding for students in programs which combine business with environmental or sustainability studies. For all scholarship opportunities, remember to check your eligibility for funding with the Financial Aid Office at your local campus.

Specialized Exchange Programs Specialized exchange programs are exchange programs with financial supports for students, normally supported by additional funding such as government or industry-supported programs. Students are advised to contact with the faculty member designated for the program to explore funding eligibility. Funding typically includes support for travel and accommodation.


Students interested in exchange programs, short-term study abroad, internships, practicums and co-op programs may be eligible to apply for or continue their current StudentAid BC leave site funding to study overseas. No matter which study abroad opportunity you are interested in, it is important to check your eligibility for funding with Doris Funk, Financial Aid officer, Comox Valley Campus.

  • Exchange programs Dates of exchange programs do not always match NIC enrollment dates. Your student loan application requires a separate appendix that the Financial Aid Office must complete.
  • Short-term Study Abroad, Intern, Practicum, and Co-op programs The Financial Aid office will be able to advise you on whether your program qualifies for StudentAid BC leave site. Eligible students must be enrolled in at least 60% (40% for students with permanent disabilities) of a full-time course load for credit, for a period of at least 12 consecutive weeks.

Note: If you are currently receiving StudentAid BC leave site funding, you may need to complete a Reassessment form (Appendix 7) to extend your end date. It is important to submit this form to the Financial Aid Office early to ensure that additional funds are received by the field school payment deadlines. Reassessment of applications usually takes 4 to 6 weeks. If you are not currently receiving StudentAid BC leave site funding, and need financial assistance, you should apply as soon as possible in order to determine your eligibility for funding.