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NIC International

Before You Go

Study Abroad

Now that you have decided to study in another country and have been accepted to Study Abroad, there is a lot for you to do to ensure an experience to remember!

You will need to:

  • Complete the following forms:
  • Meet with the Travel Nurse at your local health clinic to determine and then receive appropriate inoculations and provide a copy to NICI
  • Purchase your airline tickets and provide a copy to NICI
  • Purchase medical and travel insurance and provide a copy to NICI
  • Arrange for accommodation (and notify NICI of the address and phone number
  • Complete a pre-departure / inter-cultural skills seminar by contacting Cathy Mutis at NICI and / or complete Module 1
  • Register for your course/s to be completed while you are studying abroad
  • Sign on to Voyages Canada. Review the Voyages Canada website and
    • Complete Registration with Canadians Travelling Abroad. Include Cathy Mutis as one of your emergency contacts. Send Cathy the email you receive confirming your registration
    • Read the Country Information for your destination countries thoroughly

Contact Us

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