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NIC International

Study Abroad

Travel the world from NIC, earn credit towards your diploma or degree at NIC, and pay the same tuition you do at home.

Why Study Abroad?

  • Broaden your perspective. Immerse yourself in the social, economic and political environment of another country.
  • Develop intercultural skills and build relationships. Gain globally relevant communication, leadership, social, and cultural skills as you build lasting friendships and professional relationships with people from around the world.
  • Improve your language skills. Begin at NIC by taking University Level Spanish or French and check other options available through NIDES NIDES. Continue to build your skills when you arrive through social contact and in formal language study.
  • See our hand out pdf for more information on Study Abroad opportunities.

Students making the choice to study abroad will have the benefit of academic support through their faculty and personal and planning support though North Island College International. NICI provides departure preparation focusing on intercultural skills training, travel planning and visa acquisition, travel insurance, and related issues. Students are encouraged to consult the Canadian government Travel and Work Abroad leave site site for information, guidance and options to make your dream a reality.

Incoming Exchange Opportunities

For students considering studying in Canada. This document adobe icon will provide you with an overview of our college, community and programs available for your consideration.

North Island College is excited about is growing list of Exchange partners. These include:


  • Dortmund International School of Management, Germany
  • Warsaw School of Economics, Poland
  • University College Sjaelland, Denmark
  • City of Glasgow College, Scotland

North America:

  • Universidad Autónoma de Chihuahua, Mexico
  • University Madero (UMAD), Mexico
  • Universidad Autonoma de Yucatan, Mexico

South America:

  • Duoc University College, Chile
  • Instituto Federal de Educacao, Brazil

As a potential exchange student we invite you to:

Once you have received your Letter of Acceptance you will need to complete the North Island College Incoming Exchange Course Confirmation form adobe icon.

We look forward to welcoming you to North Island College!

Outgoing Opportunities

For NIC students considering studying abroad.

Studying Abroad takes many different forms at NIC. Your field of study and learning goals will help you decide what's right for you. Choose from the following four types of Study Abroad opportunities:

For more details on exchange opportunities, review NIC exchange programs and ask instructors in your field of study to help identify opportunities that suit you best. You can also explore other Study Abroad opportunities and resources available at partner schools throughout BC with the British Columbia Council for International Education Leave site.


An exchange program is designated by a formal agreement between two institutions. This formal agreement provides for students to study at the other institution for the cost of tuition at their home institution. Normally the two institutions, through the appropriate academic department, determine course transfer ability. There is usually an equitable number of students from each institution involved in the exchange over a two or three year time frame. Students seeking exchange with a post secondary program not on our current exchange list are encouraged to contact North Island College International.

Specialized Exchange

Specialized exchange programs are exchange programs with financial supports for students, normally supported by additional funding such as government or industry-supported programs. Specialized exchange programs might also have unique learning opportunities, such as a targeted research project.

Short-term Study Abroad

Usually 3–6 weeks in length, Short-term Study Abroad programs are instructor led. Students travel with an instructor or team of instructors and complete 1–3 three courses while on site.

Intern, Co-op, and Practicum Placements

Overseas work placements allow you to fulfill some of your program requirements while living and working in a foreign country. Your experience may be independent or with a group.

Student Without Borders

Students Without Borders leave site offers students and recent graduates of Canadian postsecondary institutions the opportunity to work and contribute to development projects with our local partner organizations in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Based on a "needs driven" approach, both the student and the local partner organization benefit from such an experience.

SWB is a partner driven program where qualified students spend 3 to 8 months in Africa, Asia or Latin America to:

  • work with WUSC and CECI's local partners in their area of expertise;
  • gain a better understanding of global issues and perspectives;
  • potentially gain academic credits after successful completion of their placement;
  • share knowledge and learn from first-hand experience.

For more information, visit leave site, go to the International Education office in Puntledge 108, or write to

Application Instructions pdf for North Island College students CECI and WUSC’s Uniterra program. Deadline is Feb. 9, 2016 at 9am.

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Incoming Exchange Application Forms
Application form adobe icon

North Island College Exchange Nomination form adobe icon

After receiving your letter of acceptance

North Island College Incoming Exchange Course Confirmation form adobe icon

Outgoing Exchange Application Forms
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