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Documents and Forms

Study Abroad

Are you ready to begin your Study Abroad adventure? Here are some of the forms and publications you’ll need before you go.

Study Abroad HandbookPDF file

Learn more about travel and studying abroad, both as an individual or in a group, with this guide.

Study Abroad Application PackagePDF file

This package includes:

  • Application form
  • Self-Assessment form
  • Study Abroad Ambassador Agreement
  • Acknowledgement of Responsibility and Assumption of Risk form
  • Self-Reflection & Readiness for Travel quiz

Study Abroad/Field School Liability Waiver for Independent DeparturePDF file

For students who will be studying abroad but have planned a different departure route from the group at the end of their study program, this form is required.

Study Abroad ChecklistPDF file

Check to see if you’re ready to go!

Government of Canada Tuition CertificatePDF file

Exchange students are required to submit this form to the Canada Revenue Agency for tax purposes. Any student on an exchange program, where tuition is paid at NIC but courses are taken at the host institution, must have the host institution complete the Tuition Certificate form prior to returning home. This form, called TL11A, is necessary when filing your taxes and claiming tuition.

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