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The Study Abroad Handbook has been created by NIC students to help new NIC students get the most out of their educational experience. Browse the subjects to learn about studying at NIC, living on Vancouver Island, and adjusting to life in Canada. If you have further questions, we encourage you to contact the International Education office at

Taking learning to another country, with its differences in geography, language and ways of knowing, is a valued and sought after opportunity - one which opens doors to seeing the world in new ways. Travel is an adventure and one which asks the adventurer to be open to new experiences, to suspend judgment and look at circumstances in new ways. The more I travel, the more I take the chance to look at the world from difference perspectives, the less I know that the way I see the world is “right”. And the more I want to understand how others see the world.

It is the rare person who comes home from a study abroad who is not changed as a result of the experience. You will see, do and think things new to you. People you meet randomly or purposefully will open your mind and your heart to seeing the world in new ways. Expect change. Embrace difference. Enjoy the adventure.

North Island College International’s role in your study abroad is to provide you with the information and support you need to have the best learning experience possible. Count on us to support you, let us know how we can help!
Cathy Mutis, Associate Director, North Island College International

Cathy Mutis is the Associate Director of North Island College International. She can be contacted by phone at 1-250-334-5033 ext. 5 or by email at You can also visit her in person at her office, located at PNT 108, on NIC’s Comox Valley campus.

Greetings from past Studies Abroad students to new ones.

You are about to jump into a seriously life changing event. Studying abroad is a truly awesome and spectacular way for students like you to experience the world and learn in ways very few other students get a chance to. This travel guide has been pieced together by students and staff who have been in your shoes and returned not just with a darker tan, but a myriad of great friends and a new view of the world and themselves.

Dozens of contributors combined travel time measured in years have all had their two cents combined into this guide. The common theme of their comments was to give you information that they wished they had been given before they left. I have not mentioned anything within this text that someone has not struggled with in past ventures. Reading this guide fully will prepare you in ways you would not have imagined and will answer questions you have not even thought to ask yet. This is our gift to you. Knowledge from Experience.

Feel free to contact me with any additional questions at
Timothy Doyle, NIC student

Timothy Doyle became involved in the Study Abroad Online Handbook project after completing work on the shorter Student Travel Guide, and he was eager to make Study Abroad information more accessible to interested students in an online format. Tim came to NIC in 2008 to pursue a Liberal Studies degree, and his studies at NIC have led him to Greece, Jordan, Egypt, Israel and Turkey. He has discovered that the personal growth that a student undergoes while participating in a Study Abroad experience cannot be found anywhere else, and he encourages everyone to consider their options for international study.

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