Engineering Foundations Certificate

One year certificate & UVic engineering pathway

Where: Comox Valley
Starts: September
  • Gain a solid foundation in computer programming, math, physics and engineering mechanics. 
  • Learn strong problem-solving skills to work in design, analysis, project management and more.
  • Using first-year course material as a foundation, work in teams to create designs that address and solve problems faced in industry.
  • Most program courses can also be taken at NIC's Port Alberni and Campbell River campuses.

Transfer possibilities: Qualify for guaranteed admission to UVic's computer, electrical, mechanical, biomedical, civil or software engineering programs or general transfer to UBC, SFU and more.

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Why Choose North Island College?

In good company. Classes at NIC feel more like interactive work groups, where everyone has a chance to contribute their opinions and ideas and connect with instructors and classmates.

Same degree, save $10,000. As an NIC transfer student, you will spend approximately $10,000 less for your first year of studies (tuition, fees, books, transport, housing and food) compared to students attending an urban university.

Be advised, every step of the way. Educational advisors are dedicated to helping you make the most of your course choices. With one-on-one personal advising, you can be assured that your classes at NIC will help you get where you want to go.


As an NIC Engineering Foundations Certificate student, you will gain the same skills and knowledge that you would receive in your first year at institutions such as UVic and UBC, but with smaller class sizes and personalized instruction in classes and labs.

NIC has offered a one-year study plan in engineering since 2010, allowing students to transfer to UVic and launch their engineering career. This new certificate includes all of the same courses as NIC's UVic Engineering Pathway, with the added benefit of a credential to add to your résumé and increased access to other post-secondary institutions.

Choose from part-time or full-time studies to manage your workload or complete the program in one academic year. All required courses are available at the Comox Valley campus. Most of the courses are also available at campuses in Port Alberni, Campbell River and Port Hardy.

NIC's guaranteed transfer agreement with UVic ensures that students with a minimum GPA of C+ (UVic 3.0 or NIC 2.33), and no grade less than a C, compete on an equal footing with UVic students entering second year computer, electrical, mechanical, biomedical, civil or software engineering programs. Many of NIC's first-year courses also transfer directly to engineering programs at UBC, SFU and other institutions.

To be eligible for the NIC/UVic dual admission program you must be deemed eligible for admission by both UVic and NIC and submit an NIC/UVic Dual Admission application form. Dual admission is available to both Canadian and international students graduating from high schools in the North Island College region. For more details about this option, please make an appointment with an educational advisor.

Upon graduation, you will be well prepared to communicate your ideas effectively as you learn to solve math and physical science problems at the first-year university level, applying principles of math and science to creative problem solving and design.

Career Opportunities in Engineering

Engineering opens a world of opportunities in design, analysis, project management and other jobs involving strong problem-solving skills. Engineering graduates are well-prepared for work in design, analysis, information technology, project management, and other careers requiring a combination of strong problem solving and creativity.

Admission Requirements

  • Grade 12 graduation or provincial equivalent
  • C+ in Physics 12 or PHY 060
  • C+ in Chemistry 12 or CHE 060
  • B in Pre-Calculus 12 or MAT 060
  • C+ in English 12 or First Peoples English 12, or one of ENG 060, ENG 096, ENG 098, or ESL 090

International Language Requirements

For international language requirements click here.

Program Requirements

  • CPS-100 Computer Programming I
  • CPS-101 Computer Programming II or CHE-152 Engineering Chemistry1,2,3
  • ENG-115 Essay Writing and Critical Analysis
  • ENR-110 Introduction to Engineering Design
  • MAT-133 Matrix Algebra
  • MAT-181 Calculus I
  • MAT-182 Calculus II
  • PHY-120 Principles of Physics I
  • PHY-121 Principles of Physics II
  • PHY-141 Engineering Mechanics I: Statics or PHY-170 Engineering Mechanics I: Statics and Dynamics2,3.4
  • ENG-160 Effective Organizational Writing or University Transfer Elective2,3,4


1. CHE-110 and CHE-111 may be taken in place of CHE-152.

2. Students transferring to UVic for software engineering should take CPS-100, CPS-101, ENG-115, ENG-160, ENR-110, MAT-133, MAT-181, MAT-182, PHY-120, PHY-121, and PHY-141.  They may also take CHE-152, but this would normally be taken in second year at UVic.

3. Students transferring into all other engineering disciplines at UVic should take CHE-152, CPS-100, ENG-115, ENG-160, ENR-110, MAT-133, MAT-181, MAT-182, PHY-120, PHY-121, and PHY-141.  They may also take CPS-101, but this would normally be taken in second year at UVic.

4. Students transferring to UBC should take CHE-152, CPS-100, ENG-115, ENR-110, MAT-133, MAT-181, MAT-182, PHY-120, PHY-121, PHY-170, and a complimentary studies elective (see UBC calendar and the BC Transfer Guide for options).

Completion Requirements

Average Grade of C+ or better

Note: Students transferring to UVIC must have a C+ average and no grades less than C

Michael Willers

Michael Willers
Port Alberni Campus 250-724-8729 | Location TEB - C135
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5000

Jason Diemer

Jason Diemer
Campbell River Campus 250-923-9768 | Location CWG - 230
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5041

Jennifer Fallis Starhunter

Jennifer Fallis Starhunter



PhD in Physics (University of Manitoba, 2009)

Subjects: Physics
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5000 ext. 4092 | Location RAV - 207
Campbell River Campus 250-923-9700

Dennis Lightfoot

Dennis Lightfoot



MSc in Agricultural Engineering (McGill University, 1992)

Subjects: Engineering, Mathematics, Physics
Comox Valley Campus 250-334-5044