Having a comfortable place to live while you study is important. North Island College offers a variety of housing options to suit your lifestyle and preferred living arrangements.

We advise you to plan where you live ahead of time so you know where you are staying when you arrive. A short outline of your accommodation options and costs are listed below. More detail is listed in the handbooks on the right hand side of this page.

If you have any questions, or would like to speak to our accommodations officer, email

Family Homestay or Peerstay:
Living With a Canadian Host

Living with a Canadian host is a big advantage for some students. Host families help students learn about the community and culture on Vancouver Island; they include students in family activities, and best of all, they offer lots of opportunity for conversation practice.

We understand that you need to feel welcome, safe and comfortable in your new home. Homestay and Peerstay hosts are screened and selected because they are interested in sharing their homes with you and helping you settle in your new community. They want to learn about your country and share Canada with you!


Cost: $250 non-refundable accommodation application fee + $800 monthly accommodation fee.

Homestay accommodation is the most popular choice for new international students. It includes a private room, laundry facilities, and three meals a day. Internet access is provided in your host family's home. A homestay is your home away from home and an excellent choice for students who are apart from their families for the first time.


Cost: $250 non-refundable placement fee + $500 monthly accommodation fee (first month non-refundable).

Peerstay is similar to homestay except students buy their own groceries and cook their own meals. Your host can help you with information or assistance. This is a good choice if you want more independence or you prefer a specific kind of food.

How Does It Work? Host families and students complete an application form and OGE staff complete a screening process. Students are then placed in homestay or peerstay homes according to their needs. We introduce students to their hosts via email. Students and host families can share photos and learn about each other online before they meet in person.

When students arrive on Vancouver Island, your Canadian host will meet you at the Comox or Campbell River airport and take you to your new home!

To apply for homestay/peerstay:

Students: Please complete this online application form and email it to North Island College International at or fax it to: 1-250-334-5287.

Hosts: We welcome people interested in providing homestay or peerstay for international students. Please complete this host family application form and fax it to 1-250-334-5287, or email it to North Island College International at You will be contacted by our Accommodations Officer.

Living with a student roommate

If you would like to live with another student, you can search for roommates on the OGE Facebook page . Locally, most people advertise for roommates on Comox Valley Craigslist . You can also put up a notice on college bulletin boards when you arrive.

Renting an apartment, house, or room

If you prefer to live in an independent rental (apartment), there are several ways to find one: Check out local listings on Comox Valley Craigslist and the Comox Valley Record . Rentals are also posted on bulletin boards on campus.

Short-term Accommodation

Most students secure accommodation before they arrive because it’s easier to prepare and plan a budget. When it's not possible to get living arrangements organized before arrival, a student needs short-term accommodation. There is a hostel and several affordable hotels in Courtenay. Please see the following list of off-campus accommodation .

Questions? Find out more about living on Vancouver Island in Beautiful British Columbia!